Sunday, September 14, 2014

Homemade "Beach Glass"

One of my completed pendants

So I was playing with my glass scraps the other day, made up some fused glass pendants in my mini kiln.  I got out the etching cream to etch some designs on a couple of dichroic glass scraps. While I was waiting for the pendants to fuse, I surfed the internet for some inspiration.  I came across a site that said you could use etching cream to make glass scraps look like beach glass. What a great idea!  I had some broken up pieces of wine bottles in a container as I wanted to fuse them in my kiln as an experiment, so I grabbed a couple and dipped them in the etching cream.  I fused one of the pieces with a few other pendants to see how it turned out.

Glass on the left is untouched, glass on the right is fused and etched

After fusing, the glass lost its sharp edges, but it also lost its etched look, so I dipped it in the etching cream again.   Now I have another piece of "beach glass" to wire wrap and make into a pendant.  What a fun way to recycle my wine bottles!

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